3rd Turkana Cultural Festival in Loyangalani, 19th and 20th June 2010

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On 19th and 20th June 2010, the 3rd Turkana Cultural Festival will take place in Loyangalani on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana, one of the world's largest desert lakes. As in 2008 and 2009, this event is organised by the German Embassy and local partners.

Loyangalani is a small town in the remote semi-desert area in Kenya's north. There are six different nomadic communities in that region: the Turkana, Samburu, Rendille, El Molo, Pokot and Gabbra.

The Turkana Cultural Festival displays the uniqueness of the traditional and cultural diversity and the touristic potential of the region which has been neglected for decades.

One of the German Embassy's partners is the "Mosaretu Women's Group". The fact that four of the local ethnic groups work together to make the Festival happen shows that peaceful cooperation is possible amongst their communities that usually live in constant conflict and animosity.

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Participating in the Turkana Cultural Festival 2010 offers a rare opportunity to experience this almost inaccessible part of the country. The multi-faceted programme allows an insight into lifestyle, culture and history of the local groups.

As in previous years the "Festival of Elmorasetu" will be the main event. The authentic cultural programme includes dance-performances, demonstrations of ceremonies and rites, a display of costumes and a camel show.

An assortment of traditional huts representing the diverse building styles will be displayed on the showground together with an exhibition of craftmanship.

The last highlight of the first day will be a dinner feast with the villagers. Highlight Enlarge image Highlight of the Turkana Festival (© Hezron Njoroge)
On the second day, an excursion to the nearby Rock Art Fields and a visit to the Rendille and El Molo Village will be organised. The Festival will conclude at the Desert Museum where the National Museum of Kenya will celebrate its 100th anniversary with a function.

Lake Turkana Festival