Germany and the Seychelles

Bilateral relations are harmonious and friendly. The German tourists (some 30,000 in 2013) visiting the island republic's "dream beaches" each year constitute one of the country's main sources of foreign currency. In terms of numbers, Germans rank second after the French and ahead of Italian and British visitors.

Germany supported the process of democratization by providing a constitutional expert and technical assistance for elections at the beginning of the 1990s - being the only Western country to do so.

On account of the country's relatively high per capita income compared to sub-Saharan Africa, the Seychelles are not a partner country of German development cooperation.

With one of the highest levels of indebtedness among developing countries worldwide, the Seychelles ran into financial difficulties in 2008. This caused the government to take an advantage of an IMF programme and to instigate fundamental economic reforms. Good progress has been made with this programme. In April, the Paris Club cancelled 40 per cent of the Seychelles' foreign debt.

The EU Commission, The World Bank and the African Development Bank now support this programme and also provide budgetary assistance.

German Honorary Consul on the Seychelles:

Mrs. Kerstin Henri

The Centre for Environment and Education
Nature Seychelles - Roch Caiman
Victoria / Mahe / Seychelles

Tel.:       +248-601-100 or 601-101
Fax:       +248-601-102
e-mail:   hk-diplo%27%de,victoria
In case of emergency: +248-718-350

German representative on the Seychelles: Honorary Consul Kerstin Henri Enlarge image German representative on the Seychelles: Honorary Consul Kerstin Henri (© German Embassy Nairobi)

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