Germany and the United Nations in Nairobi

Nairobi hosts the headquarters of UNEP and UN-Habitat. The German Embassy Nairobi closely cooperates with these two United Nations organisations.

1. The UN Environmental Programme UNEP

Since June 2006, UNEP is headed by executive director Achim Steiner, the highest ranking "UN-German". He was appointed for a second turn in June 2010 by the General Secretary of the UN. UNEP is the biggest UN organisation in Kenya. Its mandate is to be the lead UN-agency in the field of environment. UNEP does normative work, but implements projects as well as developing and testing the norms. UNEP is working in six priority areas: climate change, ressource efficiency, disaster and conflicts (minimize risks to the environment by natural and man-made disasters; support of environmentally friendly reconstruction after a disaster), environmental governance (i. e. its improvement on local, regional and international level), harmful substances and hazardous waste (i. e. minimize its impact) and ecosystem management.

Germany was the biggest donor of UNEP in 2009 and will continue to give considerable support, because UNEP's priorities are priorities of German domestic and foreign policy.

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2. The UN-programme for human settlement UN-HABITAT

For the last 10 years UN-Habitat was headed by Dr. Anna Tibaijuka, Tanzania. In October 2010 Dr. Joan Clos, Spain, former mayor of Barcelona, former Spanish minister and former Spanish Ambassador, took over as Executive Director of UN-Habitat.

UN-Habitat's mandate is to implement the World Habitat Agenda. In doing so it develops norms for urban planning, slum upgrading and avoidance, energy saving construction, microfinancing for the housing area and other subjects related to human settlement. UN-Habitat implements projects in several developing countries and countries with economies in transition to develop and test these norms.

Every 2 years UN-Habitat organises the World Urban Forum (WUF), a conference for all stakeholders of human settlement. In 2010 the WUF in Rio de Janeiro attracted 13.795 participants. In 2012 Bahrain will host the next WUF.

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3. Other UN-Organisations in Nairobi

Next to UNEP and UN-Habitat, numerous other UN-organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme UNDP, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees UNHCR and the World Food Programme WFP also have their offices in Nairobi. They have a mandate for Kenya only or for the region.

4. The UN-Office in Nairobi - UNON

UNON gives administrative support to all UN-organisations in Kenya, in areas such as human resources, travel, conference service. The head of UNON used to be a Director General. This position was assumed by the Executive Director of UNEP or UN-Habitat. In December 2009 the position of an Executive Director for UNON was created and assigned to Mrs Amina Mohammed.

5. Careers at the UN

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Germany and the United Nations in Nairobi

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Germany and the United Nations