Best Management Practices (BMP3)

On its homepage the Maritime Security Centre - Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) has edited the enclosed updated Best Management Practices (BMP3).

The purpose of the BMP3 is to assist ships to avoid, deter or delay piracy attacks off the coast of Somalia, including the Gulf of Aden (GoA) and the Arabian Sea. Experience, supported by data collected by Naval forces, shows that the application of the recommendations contained within this booklet can make a significant difference in preventing a ship becoming a victim of piracy.

For the purposes of the BMP3 the term "piracy" includes all acts of violence against ships. This includes armed robbery and attempts to board and take control of the ship, wherever this may take place.


It is recommended to follow the advices given in BMP3 and also to register before any transit at . Where possible, the booklet should be read with reference to the MSCHOA website, which provides additional and updating advices.

The previous recommendations for this maritime area (security level 2) continue to apply without modifications.