Germany - Location for Business and Investment


Germany's great competitive strength internationally is illustrated most clearly in its high level of and rapidly growing merchandise exports.

The rise in direct investments in Germany by international companies also underlines the good position of the German economy. Economic life in Germany is more international in nature than in most other major industrial nations. One in three euros in Germany is generated through exports; nearly one in four jobs depends on exports.

The most important branch of the economic activity in Germany with traditionally a very high share of total economic production is industry. The 49,000 German industrial undertakings employ nearly 6.4 million staff. Together they generate turnover of more than EUR 1.3 trillion. 98 per cent of all German industrial undertakings are small or medium-sized companies (SME) with 500 or fewer staff. SME generate around 33 per cent of industrial turnover.

Alongside industry, the services sector also plays an outstanding role and has now become almost as large as industry. A German peculiarity and traditional core of economic life is the crafts trade. With around 863,000 businesses, it is Germany's most varied economic sector - employing 14 per cent of Germany's 36 million workers.

If more information about Germany as a business location is required, the companies can get fast and non-bureaucratic support. "Invest in Germany" answers questions on the economic situation in Germany as well as on basic legal conditions, tax regulations, conditions of entry and residence, development measures etc.

International Institutions of Trade and Commerce in Germany

DIHK - German Chambers of Industry and Commerce

DIHK has the special task of assisting the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHKs). The closely-knit network of Chambers of Commerce Abroad, delegate offices and representations in more than 80 countries on every continent of the world is of major importance to German industry in a world of global markets. The Chambers of Commerce Abroad delegates and representations advise firms in situ on investment and market opportunities and help them make international business contacts.

AUMA - Association of the German Trade Fair Industry

AUMA represents the interests of the trade fair industry on a national and international level in dealings with parliament, ministries, authorities and other organizations.