Moving forward together: Somali-German Development Consultations successfully concluded

German Embassy Enlarge image (© German Embassy)

Consultations on development cooperation between the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Federal Republic of Germany came to a successful closure in Mogadishu on 29 August 2017.

Looking back on a long history of fruitful development cooperation, both sides agreed that future cooperation between Somalia and Germany should focus on the promotion of Somalia’s economic recovery, in particular through investments and capacity-building measures in the realms of infrastructure (re-)construction, vocational training, skills enhancement and employment generation. At the same time, cooperation to strengthen the resilience of the Somali people remains crucial and will be continued - also to mitigate and prevent the effects of recurrent droughts.

Both delegations agreed that the Somalia National Development Plan 2017-2019 and the New Partnership Agreement chart the way for Somali-German development cooperation, both today and in future. The Somali delegation highlighted the necessity of a holistic approach to development and emphasized that particular focus should be put on productive sectors, jobs creation and skills development. At present, German development cooperation projects in Somalia amount to 117 million EUR (85 billion SOS).

The Germany delegation applauded the Somali people both within the country and abroad, Somalia’s Federal Government and the Governments of its Federal States for their impressive efforts to address the many political, economic and ecological challenges which have haunted the region for far too long.

The Somali side expressed its highest appreciation of Germany’s Technical and Financial Cooperation projects and invited Germany to further strengthen its development cooperation with Somalia. Germany highlighted that it is fully committed to its ongoing development cooperation with Somalia and is prepared to both strengthen its partnership and increase its support to the Somali people.

Both sides emphasized that they remain optimistic about the future prospects of Somalia’s recovery. The continuation of close collaboration and high levels of political commitment of all sides remain vital for further improving the political, social and economic situation of the Somali people.

The Somali delegation was headed by H.E. Mr. Abdi Dirshe, Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MOPIED). The German delegation was headed by Markus Bollmohr, Deputy Ambassador Somalia, and Dr. Andreas Jacobs, German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

German Embassy Enlarge image (© German Embassy)