Rumours about Germany

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Refugees and the battle against bureaucracy (17.08.2017)

Since 2015 nearly 1.5 million people have sought asylum in Germany. They want to integrate and work. But their lives are often overshadowed by fear for family members who have stayed behind, language problems, and stress with German authorities.

‘It’s not worth the danger’ (24.08.2017)

Arman Khan is a journalist who made the perilous journey from his country to Germany. He tells InfoMigrants how he escaped from Afghanistan and reached Germany over four years ago.

The Sahara route: a journey more deadly than the crossing from the coast (28.08.2017)

Many African migrants from Sub-Sahara travel through the Sahara desert and North Africa on the way to Europe. They often face the danger of being abandoned in the hot desert by human smugglers. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the desert is the much bigger cemetery than the Mediterranean Sea.

Dream of Europe turns deadly at Bulgaria’s border (29.08.2017)

The journey to Europe by a family of Iraqi refugees ended in tragedy after Bulgarian officials blocked their path. Trifa's story illustrates the human cost of closing borders. Dimitar Ganev reports.

Two years since Germany opened its borders to refugees: A chronology (04.09.2017)

When hundreds of thousands of refugees made their way into Europe in August and September 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to engage in an open-door policy towards the newcomers. What's happened since then?

Is family reunification in Germany at stake? (07.09.2017)

The right to family reunification for refugees with subsidiary protection status has become a topic of heated debate in German politics. Ministers are demanding to further suspend the moratorium after March 2018. Who is affected and what implications will this have?

Refugee benefits in Germany are ‘quite high’, Interior Minister de Maiziere says (11.09.2017)

German interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere has called for EU-wide agreement on the amount of benefits that refugees receive saying that Germany is paying much more than others in the bloc.

How much money do refugees in Germany get? (12.09.2017)

German interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere recently said that “part of the pull-effect to Germany” for refugees was that “the benefits for refugees are quite high”. But how much money do asylum seekers and refugees in Germany actually get?

EU online tool to determine migrant qualifications (12.09.2017)

The European Union is making a multi-language Skills Profile Tool available online for citizens of developing countries “to present their skills, qualifications and experiences in a way that is understandable across the whole European Union” in order to help connect them to next steps, such as services and job support.