The Embassy is pleased to announce that a waiting list for Somali applicants for national visa has been implemented. It is now possible to register via the online appointment system. Available dates for the application will be filled out of this list in the order of registration.Please understand that due to the high demand, a longer waiting time until the actual date allocation has to be expected.


Please take notice: From 1st of December 2017 Kenyan citizens are subject to a consultation procedure between the Schengen States. The minimum time for processing Schengen applications therefore rises to 10 days.

Travelling or planning a trip to Germany and need a visa? Business, leisure or longer stays: whatever the purpose of your visit, carefully read through the information in this section to ensure a smooth visa application process.

To enter Germany and the Schengen area, Kenyan, Burundian, Eritrean and Somali nationals will require a visa. Seychellois nationals only need a visa for stays exceeding 90 days.

List of all countries whose citizen require a visa to enter Germany

The German Embassy Nairobi is the competent visa authority for short term (Schengen visas) and long term visas (national visas) all applicants residing in Kenya and Somalia.

Long term visa applicants residing in Eritrea, Burundi and Seychelles also apply from the German Embassy Nairobi.

Short term visa applicants (Schengen Visa) residing in Seychelles (third country nationals) need to apply at the German Embassy in Nairobi as the competent visa section.

Kindly observe:

Short term visa applicants (Schengen Visa) residing in Burundi need to apply at the Belgian Embassy in Bujumbura as the competent visa section for German Schengen visa applicants.

Short term visa applicants (Schengen Visa) residing in Eritrea need to apply at the Italian Embassy in Asmara as the competent visa section for German Schengen visa applicants.

Polite reminder:

The visa applicants residing in South Sudan must apply at the German Embassy Kampala, Uganda.

Please note that you have to reside in one of those countries for more than six months in order to be eligible to apply with the Embassy in Nairobi.

Visa appointments can only be obtained online. When applying, make sure you have all required documents and duly filled-in forms. Applications can only be made in person (exceptions for Frequent Travellers).

Please do not send original documents (invitation letters, certificates etc.) to the Embassy before the Visa appointment took place. The inviting person/company/university should send it directly to you and you should bring it at the day of your appointment to the Embassy.

Changes in visa application process

On 6 June 2013 the Visa Information System will be implemented in Kenya. For further information regarding changes in the visa application process please refer to...

Simplified visa application

The following groups can benefit from simplified visa application procedures:

Frequent Travellers

Frequent Travellers are applicants who have had at least two Schengen visas or a one/multiple year visa within the last 24 months and have travelled at least twice to Germany/Schengen space within the last 24 month.

Applicants in this category can apply for a Schengen visa every Monday afternoon from 2 to 4 pm without special appointment. These applicants do not have to apply in person*. Nevertheless, due to the limited number of applications which can be accepted**, it is however recommended to book a normal appointment online.

Only complete applications will be processed. A part from the fast-tracked appointment procedure, all other requirements for the applied for type of visa (business, visitor etc.) remain the same. In addition, frequent Travellers will also need to fill in a medical insurance declaration form.

Frequent Traveller health insurance declaration [pdf, 55.6k]

Schengen visa take 3-5 working days to be processed (in exceptional cases up to 15 working days).

[* In some cases, the Embassy can request the applicant to appear in person]
[** Strictly on "first come, first serve" basis. Depending on visitor's traffic, the German Embassy cannot guarantee all applications to be received the same day]

Diplomatic passport holders

Diplomatic passport holders residing in Kenya may lodge their application by special appointment. These applicants should contact the Embassy's visa section to arrange for a special appointment.

Note Verbale holders

Note Verbale holders residing in Kenya may lodge their application by special appointment. These applicants should contact the Embassy's visa section to arrange for a special appointment.

U.N. Laisser-Passer holders

Holders of United Nations Laisser-Passer travel documents, regardless of their nationality, on official duty only, do not need a visa to travel to Germany for a short-term visit of up to 90 days. Please be prepared to provide proof of your official mission as well as your nationality (national passport) upon entering Germany. You are also expected to provide proof of travel insurance upon entering Germany.

Holders of U.N. Laisser-Passer travel documents intending to enter Germany for a private visit must apply for a visa with their national passport. You are kindly advised to follow the general rules and requirements provided by the German Embassy in Nairobi.

Contact the visa section

Visa section

Telephone service of the visa section (information only):

Tue and Thu 15:00-16:00 hrs (Kenya)
(Summer CET + 1h, Winter CET + 2h)

Kindly note that all visa inquiries must be directed to the below-mentioned e-mail address. Please do not use the contact form for visa inquiries.

+254-(0)20-4262 140
+254-(0)20-4262 129

Visa fees

Schengen visa (short-term):

  • Adult (12 years and above): EUR 60,-
  • Minor (6-11 years): EUR 35,-
  • Child (0-5 years): exempted

National visa (long-term):

  • Adult (18 years and above): EUR 75,-
  • Minor : EUR 37,50

Payment options:

- Credit card (international cards only)
- Cash, payable in Kenya Shillings, at the Embassy's current exchange rate. Please mind that fees in Kenya Shilling are rounded up to the next five hundred or thousand amount.

Exemption of fees (free visa):
- Spouses of German/E.U. nationals
- Minor children of German/E.U. nationals
- Parents of German/E.U. minor children

Passport and visa delivery by G4S courier services

For convenience, visa applicants now have the possibility to have their passport and visa returned by secure G4S courier services. Applicants can now purchase prepaid G4S delivery slips at the G4S counter located within the German Embassy (open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 noon). The delivery slips have to be handed in together with the visa application form. The delivery slips are available for 300 KSh onwards, depending on the final destination. Delivery usually takes one to two days.

G4S delivery fees [pdf, 159.6k]